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How Does Ace Mobile Determine Pricing?

We base pricing on location, number of pieces to wash, and frequency of washes. We excel at custom jobs and will turn around a custom quote quickly. Just call for a customized quote to fit your fleet’s needs.

Will Ace Mobile Customize a Wash Program to Fit my Schedule?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being the best in the fleet-washing industry, and we actually enjoy going the extra mile for our customers. We’ll be wherever you need us to be whenever you need us. On some jobs we get started at 4:00am, so early or late doesn’t scare us. We’re always eager to accommodate your schedule.

Does Ace Mobile Offer Water Reclamation?

Yes, we’re happy to reclaim water for customers who request the service! Since its inception in 1983, Ace Mobile has been a trailblazer in the mobile cleaning industry, and we’ve always been serious about minimizing our environmental impact. Our water reclamation process involves using a customized pump and barriers to isolate and collect water runoff during mobile truck washing projects. We isolated, collect, and haul water off-site for proper disposal.

What Area Does Ace Mobile Service?

Ace Mobile Wash serves the greater Phoenix area, but we are looking to expand to Tucson and Flagstaff, and eventually out of state. Come grow with us! What

What is interior disinfection/odor removal?

Our eco-friendly non-toxic process eradicates musty smells, tobacco odors, and other hard to destroy organic odors, mold, and mildew, leaving your vehicle clean, safe, and pleasant smelling.

What is a Polymer finish?

Our sprayed-on polymer finish instantly attaches to metal, plastic, and rubber to provide a barrier between your equipment and road grime. You’ll notice the polymer finish gives your equipment a wet look while breathing life into your paint.

How does Simoniz ODOR-OUT â„¢ work?

Simoniz ODOR-OUT safely eradicates odors and odor-causing bacteria in vehicles and it contains no dangerous VOC’s, phthalates or ozone. Upon contact with water, Simoniz ODOR-OUT is self-activated to release chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas, a safe biocide, in an easy-to-use delivery system. As a vapor, it penetrates any porous material or surface throughout the vehicle, allowing direct contact with odor-causing compounds such as bacteria, mold, viruses and mildew, as well as odors originating from food, tobacco, pets and more. It doesn’t mask odors, it eliminates them, leaving behind a healthier environment.

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